Tax law

Direito Tributário

The Tax Law is one of the areas of expertise that Melleh Law has great expertise, highlighting mainly Tax Planning, which is essential for anyone who wants to open a business, live or work in the United States.

Tax Planning is a tool to preserve equity within the particularities of each country and to synchronize decisions to avoid double taxation.

The firm has particular expertise in tax matters and regularly advises clients on complex national and international issues related to tax planning. Our experienced tax lawyers are accustomed to structuring and implementing tax planning and tailored tax litigation solutions for domestic and international clients.

Among the services related to Tax Law are:

  1. Guidance, advice and tax advice;
  2. Tax planning with alternatives, benefits and risks of tax operations, adequacy, adjustment of regime, fiscal incentives, tax questions, legal reduction of tax burden, optimization of IRS results;
  3. Auxilio does not prepare Income Taxes for Individuals and Legal Entities;
  4. Strategic tax consultancy for foreign investments in Brazil
  5. Consultancy in international operations, such as international financing operations, payment of royalties and licensing
  6. Preparation of Memos and presentation of consultations on interpretation and application of tax rules


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